Specializing in Business Investment, Marketing, ASIA Business Consulting




​Financial services

Business investment specializing in small / medium-sized foreign exchange / securities companies, virtual currency exchanges, and asset management companies.

Real estate


Specializes mainly in brokering real estate transactions. It is a bridge between buyers and sellers.

Health & beauty

Business investment specializing in health and beauty facilities utilizing Japanese resources in China and Southeast Asia.

Media & IT


Business investment specialized in blockchain, AI development and Media companies.



Corporate Service

We offer expert offshore company formation, corporate administration and secretarial services.

Accounting Service

We offer expert accounting outsourcing and Tax Consulting services.

ASIA business

Consulting Service

We offer M & A support and overseas business development partner introduction support services.

China / Southeast Asia

Marketing / Promotion Service 

Fionza Markeitng Services stands together with its clients—as their most preferred partner—to take on the challenges they face, and to develop and deliver Marting / Promotion solutions using an integrated approach. We help clients design systems that will generate sustained sales underpinned by era-leading marketing solutions.


  Fionza Group looks to drive positive change in businesses, supporting entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s leading enterprise in the absence of traditional finance. Through careful structuring, alignment, and ongoing management, Fionza Group uses its expertise, professional Marketing experience and established networks to help deliver sustainable growth to portfolio companies as a business expert.


  We believe that the social and environmental aspects of businesses ultimately influence returns. As such, we fully expect that our investments, whilst producing superior returns, should be based on ecologically sound principles.

  Fionza Group is also a International Corporate service firm. Fionza group focuses on finance business consulting and corporate management service to Hong Kong, PRC , Japan and international clients. Fionza Group is a Hong Kong Corporate Service firm with offices in London and the Bahamas.

   Fionza Group has a Corporate Management Service team, we aim to provide you with the best services by striving always to exceed your expectations of the value for money and by anticipating your needs, ensure timely service delivery, and performing our responsibilities with thoroughness and integrity.

The Company specializes in assisting small and medium size financial companies in their growth. We recognise that due to capital and labour constraints, you probably need experience and knowledgeable professional help even more. We also understand that people who venture into businesses are experts more in manufacturing and selling than in accounting and finance. However, your accounting and finance are of prime concerns to your investor, bankers, the Registrars of Companies and the Inland Revenue Authorities. We can assist you by preparing and implementing the financial arrangements you need to develop your business. When you require additional financing to expand, we can assist you in preparing business plans, forecasts and budgets.


We have two branch offices in London and Bahamas and we also enjoys an established relationship with a select number of law firms, accounting firms and corporate service agents in the major coutries . In undertaking assignments in other countries, we either perform the work ourselves or deal with and instruct only those law and accounting firms and corporate services agents who have in-depth knowledge of company and taxation laws and local investment environments and with whom we have worked previously.



Company Name  

Fionza Group Limited

Date of establishment

Feb 2014​


Investment business, marketing business, overseas business development support


Room 2719, The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom,

Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

Japan Branch Office 

Office Court A3, 5-13-18 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Shanghai Branch Office

Room A511, Tianwu Space, Yanggao Middle Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China 

Hefei Branch Office

Room 1215, 1216, South Tower, Baili Center, Municipal Affairs District, Hefei, China​

Bahamas Branch office
Balmoral Development # 4, Unit C, Sanford Drive, P.O. Box SP-63191, Island of New Providence, Commonwealth of The Bahamas

Group company

  • Fionza Corporate Services Limited (Hong Kong)

  • Fionza Corporate Services Limited (Bahamas)

  • 上海金凯美容服务有限公司

  • Cipher Holdings Limited (Financial Services)

  • ​LaCiel Ltd (Japan)

  • Amalfi Corporation Ltd (Thai)​





Room2719, The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom,

Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

TEL : (852) 3162 8260

FAX : (852) 3162 8266

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