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Fionza Consulting can assist you with the setup of your Investment fund Firm and can assist you in obtaining a Investment fund license in your chosen jurisdiction.

We have broad market experience in providing legal services in connection with the structuring, marketing, regulation and operation of private investment funds in a range of regions worldwide, including offshore funds and China funds. We are committed to provide integrated, comprehensive, flexible and innovative fund solutions to meet your objectives within the shortest possible time.


We advise fund sponsor, adviser and investor clients in relation to fund structure, formation, marketing, licensing, transactional and fund management and are committed to develop funds and investments efficiently and creatively to maximise fund raising opportunities and legal flexibilities under the relevant legal and regulatory regimes. We also advise and suggest effective and practical steps and procedures in relation to fund management and compliance with ongoing obligations of the relevant jurisdictions upon its formation.

We have thorough understanding of a number of sectors in connection with the investment management industry. On the basis of our strengths in the areas of corporate finance, securities, investment management, financial services regulatory and enforcement, we are always able to provide specific legal and regulatory advice, and plan and create flexible structures for our clients that suit their needs for current and future investments.


Funds that we have structured include limited partnerships and unauthorised unit trusts, and closed-ended and open-ended investment companies involving investments in a wide range of different industries. For established funds, we also provide services in connection with legal transactional and regulatory advice relating its admission of new investors and new investments to be made. As a team player, we are also involved in coordinating relationships with various professional parties, including fund managers, custodians, offshore legal advisers and PRC legal advisers.

Choose the Investment license of your choice to learn more

Each of the above jurisdictions has different procedures and requirements for obtaining the license. These various standards will most likely affect the degree of difficulty and financial expense to which you will be exposed. Fionza Consulting can advise you on a jurisdiction that best fits the scope of your prospective activities that meets your budget.

Considerations in selecting a Forex Brokerage License

When selecting a jurisdiction for a Investment license, you should consider the number of important factors that are applicable in each specific brokers case, as regulatory requirements and costs of getting a investment license differ substantially. The following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Minimum capital requirements

  • Time frame for processing the application and getting the license

  • Requirements in regards to minimum personnel, availability and their qualifications

  • Taxes and office running costs in a specific country

  • Compliance and other regulations which may restrict your business operations

  • Technical and IT requirements

  • Other legal requirements which may affect your business

  • Reputation of the jurisdiction where you apply for forex broker licensing


You can not obtain the ideal option for all of the above listed characteristics, but you must make a sensible value for time and money selection, while making your decision as to where to apply for a forex brokerage license.

Brief Summarisation of each Jurisdiction

  • Belize: Belize has a globally recognized financial regulatory body as well as a tax-exempt status

  • BVI: The BVI offers a favorable tax environment, economic stability and asset protection opportunities

  • Cyprus: Forex companies are licensed by one of the best financial regulatory bodies in the world – CySEC, whilst also operating in a tax-friendly environment.

  • Gibraltar: As a member of the EU, Gibraltar is an established jurisdiction that issues licenses in line with EU standards

  • Malta: As part of the EU, Malta has a modern infrastructure and a stable constitution, making it a highly sought after business destination

  • Mauritius: Forex companies established in Mauritius can benefit from favorable tax planning opportunities

  • New Zealand: The cost of acquiring a New Zealand forex license is generally low, whilst the country has a stable economy and government

  • United Kingdom: The UK is a very stringent, respected, and well regulated jurisdiction for forex company formation


Please Contact us  to have a preliminary discussion on the subject of selecting a jurisdiction for your forex broker licensing.

Find your ideal license solution with the help of our team of experts and get personalized advice based on your specific needs.

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