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Fionza Consulting can assist you with the setup of your Cryptocurrency Exchange operator and can assist you in obtaining a Cryptocurrency Exchange license in your chosen jurisdiction.

The procedure of obtaining a license for a crypto currency trading and exchange project – is a complex and time consuming process, that demands a certain level of knowledge and experience. Our company is among the first on the market to offer professional legal consulting for the companies that are interested in receiving of the crypto currency exchange license, that will eliminate all legal questions from the side of the authorities.

Cryptocurrency regulations and licensing issues are quite complex and it is advisable to use the assistance of a professional firm who will be able to guide you through the Cryptocurrency license application process. You will also gain assistance on all of the regulatory requirements operators must meet, drafting business plans and manuals that are part of the license application procedure all to help you ensure that your license application will succeed.

Fionza Consulting can assist you with the setup of your Cryptocurrency Exchange operator and can assist you in obtaining a Cryptocurrency Exchange  license in your chosen jurisdiction.

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Main features of a Cryptocurrency Exchange License

In order to setup and operate a cryptocurrency exchange venture, a person does require a licence first. The procedure to be undergone heavily relies on the jurisdiction your company is going to operate from. However, there is usually a set of common requirements, which must be met in any jurisdiction regardless.

Many jurisdictions offer several different licences: one for cryptocurrency exchange and second one for operating crypto wallets. Prior to acquiring cryptocurrency license it is essential to understand your ultimate goals and operations you want to perform.

Establishing party’s ID verification

Full compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and policies

Partnership with a bank or financial institution in order to set up an exchange to fiat currency.

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Our services

  • Review of the business plan, suggestions for changes and improvements and writing the legal and regulatory parts.

  • Advising on financial projections and capital adequacy requirements. We have developed a model in this regard as the regulations do not contain any hard and fast rules.

  • Drawing up corporate governance policy together with other associated policies.

  • Drawing up risk management policy and risk register.

  • Drawing up anti-financial crime policy.

  • Drawing up anti-bribery and anticorruption policy.

  • Drawing up customer due diligence measures policy.

  • Providing a risk assessment methodology.

  • Drawing up data protection policy.

  • Drawing up terms of use for customers of the exchange.

  • Drawing up privacy and cookie policies.

  • Assistance with the completion of the egulatory authorities application forms (initial and full application).

  • Accompanying the applicant to the presentation to be given to regulatory authorities as a part of the application process.

  • Assistance with opening a bank account.

Find your ideal license solution with the help of our team of experts and get personalized advice based on your specific needs.

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